Kilcheran is an environmental consultancy which draws on the broad range of expertise accumulated by its multidisciplinary team. Each team member is valued for their own specialist skills, developed as a result of working in a cross-sectoral arena with a comprehensive assortment of companies, from SMEs to multinationals. This foundation is further augmented by its wider network, Kilcheran itself having a strong industrial focus, as well as links with various University research establishments. Kilcheran believes that the key to developing a sustainable future with simultaneous economic growth, hinges upon a unique blend of practical solutions coupled with innovation, education and research.


Kilcheran works closely with its clients, developing appropriate solutions to environmental problems and excelling in the generation of innovative ideas and lateral thinking to address these issues. Kilcheran can offer industry, Government departments, insurers, lawyers and bankers, total environmental advisory support.

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KILCHERAN's mission:

Kilcheran will lead other businesses and organisations towards a sustainable future by aspiring to ZERO WASTE through education; careful, thoughtful and resourceful planning; the modification of existing procedures; the implementation of appropriate sustainable technologies into the industrial arena; and, where necessary research to identify the appropriate technologies where none currently exist. Kilcheran is dedicated to the seeking out of appropriate markets for new sustainable by-products and the identification of companies who can utilise them to their economic advantage. Kilcheran will help create the opportunities for its clients to enjoy a new era of prosperity, by achieving a sustainability which in itself creates a platform for economic development, job creation and the preservation of our natural resources.